In the past, Pamela Roth didn’t exercise much in her opinion. She inconsistently put 8km/day on an exercise bike she says, and walked 5km, 5 days per week. Although this level of activity is great, Roth knew it wasn’t working for her.

Her youngest son Matthew is a Gridiron member so when she decided she wanted to start going to a gym, she brought it up with him. He bought her some sessions with a personal trainer – and another step in her health journey began.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002, Roth’s dedication to her gym schedule is closely tied to her determination to stay mobile.

“I started coming to the gym this year because my mobility was getting progressively worse. I refuse to be in a wheelchair if I can help it,” says Roth, pointing out that washrooms on main levels, as well as lockers help those with limited mobility feel comfortable at a gym like Gridiron.

Comfortable was definitively not the word she used to describe how she felt when she stepped into the gym. Like a vast majority of people new to the fitness facility experience, she was embarrassed. Regardless of age and fitness level, none of us relish the idea of being totally alone, and walking into a big room or building filled with strangers so that we can try something for the very first time.

“I have never been a sporty person,” she says. Playing slow pitch prior to becoming a mom, and downhill skiing into her teens was the extent of sports for Roth who points out, “I am not lazy, just never really got into any sports.”

She may not be into sports much, but Roth is impressed at how well her gym experience is going.

“When I started 6 months ago I had absolutely no core and no idea how to build it back. I am 51 years old and now wonder why I have never joined a gym.”

Roth says she is super happy with the gym equipment because if there is a machine that she is not comfortable with due to her balance issues, there is always another piece of equipment she’s been shown how to safely use instead.

Her goal for the coming year is to stay consistent with her workouts and create a stronger body over-all, and after the six months she’s now put in, she’s on her way! 

“I am so happy that Matthew helped me to choose Gridiron as my gym! The staff and members are great!”

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