Alaina was born and raised in Dawson Creek. With the exception of the nine years she travelled around the world, she has lived full time in our community. Alaina works out because she wants to get in shape, and stay in shape. When asked what being in shape means to her, she replied, “Pushing herself to be better than she was yesterday, be a better version of herself, and hitting the goals that she has put in place for herself.”

In 2011 Alaina decided to enter a fitness competition. When asked why, she said, “Because I was out of shape, and I thought the discipline and structure would help keep me on track to reach my goals. I want you to know that prior to this, I had never worked out before or stepped foot inside a gym.”

When she first started at the gym, she was only doing cardio. She hired a personal trainer to learn about the benefits of lifting weights. She started seeing extremely good results: improved strength, body definition, weight and inches lost, and most importantly to her, the confidence and changes in how she viewed her self image. She was so inspired by her trainer that she wanted to be able to pass that inspiration on to other people. This led her to become a certified personal trainer herself.

Alaina has worked out in gyms all over the world, and stated the reasons she keeps coming back to Gridiron are the atmosphere, cleanliness, staff and management. “I am being serious”, she said “Gridiron is the cleanest gym I have ever been to.”

Alaina is featured on our Cybex Torso machine. The key features are:
• The fixed upper body maintains a stable head position
• The hip flexed position provides optimum stabilization and spinal alignment
• The foot platform provides exceptional stabilization for users of varying sizes
• The gas spring assisted seat adjusts easily
• Six different starting positions offer 10 degrees increments in each direction

The torso twist targets your oblique muscles. However, it also engages your hip flexors and upper-back muscles to assist your core and stabilize your torso.

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