Age is only a number as far as Bruce Henney is concerned and at 65 years young, he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  Working out has become a daily habit and Bruce has taken notice of the amazing results of all his hard work and dedication since 1998. 

“I feel better, sleep better and like the fact that I can work out my chest, shoulders and triceps all by using my own body weight, with no assist,” said Bruce. Which is a result of his determination not to give up.

“I’m always happy to come to the gym, it’s a great atmosphere, friendly people and clean.”

Bruce is featured on the Cybex Dip/Chin assist strength system, designed to meet your needs.

– Chin-up bar that offers three different hand positions/grips for individual preference

– Foot bar that easily flips-up for unassisted pull-ups and dips

– Steps that provide simple ingress and egress

– Machine provides over 100lbs of assistance

– Extra-sized dip grips provide improved comfort

– Dual dip grip positions accommodate user size and movement variety

This machine is designed to use counterbalance weights, which means the higher the weight you set, the easier the exercise becomes. Using the assist will enable you to focus on form and perform the exercise through the full range of motion.

Pull-ups are totally possible! Check out this exceptional piece of equipment the next time you’re at Gridiron.

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