By the time volleyball player Blake Reymerink was eight years old he was trying every sport possible. The tall, sports-minded graduating student has developed attributes over the years that go beyond the physical skills of hockey and volleyball.

Spending time not only participating but also helping out at sporting events with his family, secured a love for sports that has never waned, and an appreciation for the benefits it provides.

“Sports helps me as a person,” explains Reymerink. “It’s a way to express myself while benefitting my physical and mental health.”

Winning Zone All Star last season, as well as his trend to win MVP at tournaments in the past two years has been meant a lot he says.

“It is a product of all of the effort I have put into training.”

With professional athletes like Canada Men’s Volleyball Team’s Sharone Vernon-Evans as his inspiration, Reymerink won’t be hanging up his sports gear anytime soon. He’s off to university in the fall of 2020, with volleyball a major part of that plan.


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