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Jordana Anderson & Sam Moxon, Physiotherapists Proprietors, B.Sc. (Hons) PT HPC MCPA MCPTBC, Dawson Creek BC

"We are both Physiotherapists and moved from the UK to Dawson Creek in November 2011. Jordana is originally from Dawson Creek and we decided it would be a good place to start our own business and be near family in Canada.

Our first step after moving was to find somewhere suitable to start work. Having both worked out at Gridiron before and had a great experience, we immediately thought of Gridiron and decided to contact the owners Wayne and Tammy Schmidt. After the meeting and looking around again we were both confident it was the right place to start Deep Physio, our sports injury, rehab and performance service.

The gym offers a variety of training equipment and methods to suit all needs and goals. Their staff is always friendly, helpful and trying to make your time there more enjoyable.

Owners Wayne & Tammy are constantly striving for excellence, always seeking to improve their customers' experience and meet the training needs of all generations and training levels. Excellent service is always pinnacle and they provide you with tools and motivation to maximise your health gains while providing a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

In our time there we always encountered lots of satisfied customers who always commented on the great service, availability and variety of modern equipment, cleanliness and functionality. We felt it was an ideal place to blend fitness and physiotherapy with exceptional facilities for both training and rehabilitation. We believe Gridiron has been an exceptional help for our business which wouldn’t have been as successful and grown to where it is today without the help & services of Wayne and Tammy.

By agreeing to work with us and letting us use their facilities, we shared a new vision to better the community together. We owe a lot to Gridiron and their staff for helping us get started and providing such a great format.

Our experience working with and training in Gridiron Fitness Centre has been exceptional and we hope to continue working with and supporting our fellow health businesses especially those who, like Gridiron, are looking to serve the community. We highly recommend Gridiron for your fitness needs."

Emily Parsons, Emily Parsons Photography & Inspired Wellness, Dawson Creek BC

"As owner of Emily Parsons Photography and Inspired Wellness, I have come to know Gridiron Fitness owners Tammy and Wayne as well as their staff at Gridiron Fitness.

As a personal trainer I have used their facility to train and consult clients. The gym is a very friendly place, welcoming and warm. The equipment is very high quality, clean, and set up in a way that makes everything accessible.

The gym itself is perfectly spaced so that you have adequate room to work beside your client or to spot them during an exercise. The clients are welcomed by modern and clean change rooms that have all the amenities one could wish for. There is also a training room to conduct the initial intake, body composition testing, and follow up.

To me, I feel that any trainer would be extremely happy and proud to bring their client to Gridiron Fitness Centre.

As a user of the gym, I feel it's a home away from home and not a chore to attend! The cheerful and helpful staff make it a pleasure to visit. The environment is very comfortable and I feel like I can either do my own thing in peace or interact with other friendly users who are eager to help out another when needed.

The options for equipment are endless and the classes held there are fun and energizing!

I have known Tammy and Wayne for about two years and have come to know them as very honest and loveable people. It is very evident that their personalities shine through their dedicated work at building such a wonderful gym. I am happy to give praise to what the gym, its people, and its classes have to offer to anyone who I happen to talk fitness with in the area."

FItness Centre

Greg Dobrowolski, Dawson Creek BC

" In my opinion, Gridiron is the best gym in western Canada. I have been to gyms in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, and Gridiron tops them all. Not only does Gridiron have a great selection of cardio and weight machines, and free weights, they are always kept in great shape.

What really sets Gridiron apart is the commitment by the owners and staff to maintaining a spotlessly clean and friendly environment. I wouldn’t want to work out anywhere else."

Al Clark, Grand Forks BC, Body Edge Fitness & Personal Training

"Just wanted to stop by and drop a quick note to all clients and potential clients of Dawson Creek's finest fitness facilities, Gridiron Fitness.

My wife, IFBB Pro Nancy Clark, spent a week in DC last fall and had the privilege of training here. Now, we are in the midst of opening our own facility where we reside and we will use many components of the ideal model you have in place.

Having trained all over Canada and NW USA, we can say without hesitation, that Gridiron is one of the best facilities we have been in. Why? ...super clean, great natural lighting, open spaces for ease of movement and training, top of the line equipment, great personal touch featuring clients on your wall...but most of all...the POSITIVE ENERGY generated by the place...The owners, staff and clientele on the floor were fantastic.

I have no idea how this energy has been created and only hope that we are successful in duplicating it here.

The people in DC should feel very privileged to have owners like Wayne and Tammy who provide such a facility in your community...many much bigger communities do not have a facility that is even close."

Lynnette & Wade Fritshaw, Dawson Creek BC

"Why are my husband and I members at Gridiron Fitness? Rather than just giving you a generic answer, let me break it down and give you a little more insight into exactly why we are dedicated members of this amazing facility.

CLEANLINESS .. First and foremost, one of the most important things to us regarding a gym is cleanliness. This facility takes that very seriously, and you will always see the staff cleaning. We have always been impressed with the level of cleanliness all throughout the gym, and the overall maintenance is outstanding.

EQUIPMENT .. The amount of equipment, and selection in the gym exceeds any other facility in Dawson Creek, and even in some major cities. There is something for everyone .. from every size of free weights, to a vast variety of cardio machines. We utilize most of the equipment in the gym, and are able to continually broaden our workouts due to the selection. I must also mention that ALL equipment is in pristine working order ALL the time.

FACILITY .. To have a gym of this caliber in our small town is extraordinary. We are very lucky, and utilize this opportunity daily. There is top of the line equipment, and tons of square footage to blast out any workout we desire. The change rooms are large, with full showers, and lockers. The owners are continually asking opinions on how to improve the gym, and what kinds of things are needed to help us members excel. At the end of every workout we look forward to treating ourselves to a healthy and tasty protein shake. There is a great selection, at a reasonable price, and each one is made fresh when ordered. Overall this facility has everything we could need and more.

MEMBERSHIP .. My husband and I are both very active people, and exercise is a huge part of our lives. We aren’t just gym members with a membership number at Gridiron .. we feel like we are family members with a wide variety of people focused on the same lifestyle as ourselves. Every time we enter the gym we are greeted by name, and the staff are always helpful, happy, and truly interested in how or what we are doing. These are great people .. not just employees .. because in our opinion you can’t train someone to be that courteous .. they just are.

OWNERS .. The owners Tammy and Wayne have on more than one occasion gone above and beyond for us. To which we are truly grateful. You will always see Tammy and Wayne in the gym .. they are very involved in their business, and truly take it personally. They are either working on maintaining equipment, or sweating through a workout right along with the rest of us. But no matter what you will always get a friendly hello with a smile as they pass by. To us it is very important to see that the owners of a gym understand the lifestyle, and that they don’t play the part .. they own the part."

Free Weight room and Cardio Theatre, Dawson Creek

Kevin Hanna, Dawson Creek BC

" I’ve been a member at Gridiron Fitness since 2009. The gym offers a wide variety of weight training & cardio equipment along with a good atmosphere.

The facility, equipment and change rooms are well maintained and clean. Owners Tammy and Wayne Schmidt stay involved with the day to day operation of the business and are happy to visit with members.

The staff is always friendly and available to answer questions. Keep up the good work!"

Nicole Cruickshank, Dawson Creek BC

"This is one of the nicest fitness facilities that I have attended! I joined Gridiron when I decided to train for a fitness competition. Although I have not yet reached my goals, I have come very close with the use of this facility.

I was as most people are, a little nervous about joining a new gym, I had a lot of weight to lose and it had been a long time since I had weight trained, so it was a little scary being around very fit and athletic people.

The staff at Gridiron are so friendly and pleasant to deal with that it made my new fitness endeavour a lot easier. There is always a friendly face to welcome you when you walk in the front doors and everyone is very accommodating when you have questions or need something.

The delicious protein shakes are a great service provided when you are in a hurry or don't have time to go home and make a shake as I often don't.

The photos that are posted through the gym and in the change rooms are great! They give you that extra motivation especially when you meet the people in the gym that are hanging on the walls!

The facility itself is always very clean and spacious; this is always a plus during peak times when there are a lot of people in the gym. The equipment is really nice and new, and there is enough there that you rarely have to wait to use anything.

All in all I am very pleased with the service that I receive from Gridiron and it has helped me lose many inches and many more to come! I would recommend this facility to anyone who has any fitness or weight loss goal!"

Free Weight room and Cardio Theatre, Dawson Creek

Lindsay Friesen, Dawson Creek BC

"I have had the privilege of training at Gridiron Fitness Center in Dawson Creek since 2008. During that time I have competed in two Bikini Competitions with the BCABBA.

Training for a competition means I spend lots of time at the gym during my prep, with that being said I need to love the gym I train at and with Gridiron that is the case. I personally find their selection of cardio equipment perfect for allowing me to change it up keeping my cardio sessions fresh. I am able to push myself lifting weights in a very clean spacious area, then hit the stepper for some cardio and end it off by practicing posing in the gridology room.

Being able to do all this in a positive, clean environment is very important to me and Gridiron provides me just that. Even towards the end of my prep when I am tired and a little unmotivated I can attend a spin class or TRX class to shake things up.

I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to make a healthy change in their life, or to anyone well into their fitness journey."