Dawson Creek Gym


Lauralee Cooper – Certified Personal Fitness Instructor

I am a CFES-certified Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer. I am also qualified to teach TRX Suspension Training.

My fitness quest began back in 2012 when, being out of shape and wanting to improve my health, I enrolled in a Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge through Gridiron Fitness Centre. For 12 weeks I attended the gym 5 days per week and worked closely with a Personal Trainer who understood my fear and dislike of exercise.

Newly motivated, I decided to help others who, like me, did not know where to start. After receiving certification as a Group Fitness Instructor, I taught a class of beginners to love different forms of exercise.

After achieving some success at group training, I decided to do one-on-one training as well. I began taking courses to become a certified Personal Trainer.

My passion is working with the beginner client, helping them set SMART goals for their fitness and health, and teaching them about the importance of functional exercise. I love to reach those who have previously shied away from gyms or studios for various reasons, and show them that exercise can be fun and very full-filling, and that gyms are not intimidating, but a great place to work and feel better about one’s self.

Please feel free to contact me and ask questions you may have about my history with fitness, or any other personal training matter. I can be reached by email at lauraleecooperfitness@gmail.com.