“When local business owners sponsor local athletes, it makes a huge difference in our ability to perform at our best,” says 19-year-old Logan Parent. He explains that this is especially true in rodeo.

“As rodeo athletes we are responsible for paying our entry fee, our fuel cost to get to rodeos, etc., so when a business decides to sponsor individuals or a team like what Gridiron is doing with NLC’s rodeo team, it really helps us out since that’s just one less thing we need to think about.”

Gridiron’s Tammy Schmidt says the gym couldn’t be more thrilled to sponsor local athletes like Parent, who “puts in an amazing amount of extra training” for his chosen sport.

“Working out plays a big role in bull riding since being out of shape slows down your reaction time and makes any athletic activity harder. With bull riding, pound for pound strength is more important than size so my workouts are a bit different than they would be if I was playing other sports and are more focused on flexibility, balance, and cardio as well as weight training.”

His interest in the sport peaked through friends already riding, and Parent got on his first bull in 2016. He feels truly lucky to have met a lot of good people through rodeo, reflecting that those people helped him when he started and are still a huge part of his rodeo career now.

“Things have just been working out for me since then. I’ve been lucky enough to get offered some amazing opportunities through rodeo such at receiving a scholarship at NLC.”

Although Parent has his goals for 2020, they’re a little more grounded than he is while bull riding.

“Stay healthy, be more consistent, and have fun with what I’m doing.”

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