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Free Classes! All classes are free to members at Gridiron. Just passing through? Use our drop-in fee to try out a class and our facilities.

WELLBEATS™ Fitness on Request

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Stomp & Kinetics: “The classes were fun and the time went by so fast. They are intense and make you feel great when you are finished. It's a great, fast way to get a total body workout.” ------ Rachel Peachy

Spin & Express Core: “Love to be able to do spin class when it works into my schedule. It was a challenge but I plan on making it a part of my fitness routine. Thank you.” ------ Annette Perrin

Fusion & Express Core: “It was challenging but very rewarding at the end of the workout. It's nice to be able to have programs that work around you!!” ------ Tina MacKay


Invigorating and vitalizing, each class is the perfect integration of yoga and Pilates moves, with attention to breath, form, flow and body balance.


Vibe - Get down, get edgy and get your groove on as world rhythms drive these multi-dimensional dance-based classes, from Latin to urban, hip hop and more. Take the party to the floor, you’ll forget you’re exercising!


Stomp - Truly a ‘step revival’… as step was originally meant to be taught—Go up, over and around the step for a total-body, cardio-driven workout. Easy to follow yet inventive step patterns make Stomp doable and fun! Give this fresh take on step a try!


Rev - Experience the ‘best ride’ of your life with our studio cycling classes. Maximize calorie burn and increase cardio and muscle endurance with our unique mix of sprints, climbs, intervals, drills, terrain and technique training, to challenge you in every class.


Kinetics - You’ll never be bored with our no-nonsense total-body training programs. This multi-activity class includes sport-style cardio intervals interspersed with resistance training circuits and muscle isolation work. It’s the most effective way to torch calories and test your levels of fitness and endurance!


TKO - TKO is non-stop movement to channel one’s inner fighter. Benefit from the power behind the punch and total-body training. A fusion of martial arts disciplines, each class includes a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and techniques for a great knockout experience.


Transitions - A totally refreshing outlook on fitness, Transitions is about staying active, strong, sexy and vital, working out with intelligence while promoting optimum fitness and health for life. Each Transitions class features the perfect multi-level mix of cardio, resistance training, balance, mobility and awareness skills that can positively impact those in the 45+ market.


Definitions - Definitions is straight sculpt to define, re-shape and re-contour. Ever popular for the body conscious, these 6 classes offer a focus on multi-dimensional and isolated total-body training utilizing the best of today’s leading sculpt techniques.


Express - Express provides short, intense workouts that deliver results in minimal timeframe. All you need is 20 minutes. If you’re ready for a quick calorie burn and focused training – jump on the Express!